Mainly in French, but also in English.
If several definitions or opinions relate to the same term, this one can appear several times in “key word” ("mot clé" on French). These “key words” are burst in several “standard words” ("mots types" in French) which specify the context or the object of the “keyword”.

The fields of this database are:
- the key word
- the standard word(s)
- the category of classification (vocabulary, law…)
- the author
- the quotation
- the complete references
- the date of the entry of the quotation in the database
- the possible Website

Researches are done on the key word or on the group standard words + author + category
Every quotation is provided with its complete reference. They are incitements to refer to the original source. French sources are privileged, but many quotations are also extracted from Anglo-Saxon glossaries.
Certification, accreditation, guidelines, evaluation, adverse events, concepts, procedures, recommendations, laws are numerous, but definitions are often different. It is interesting to base oneself on recognized definitions, but also to be able to compare different definitions.
The aim of this huge dictionary is to help the professionals and every person being interested to understand better the vocabulary and the constraints of organization connected to the quality of the healthcare system.
Citations Q-H is a database created by the UNHPC (Union Nationale Hospitalière Privée de Cancérologie, the French federation of hospital and medical oncological societies). It is a guarantee for a professional approach.