RubenSoft is a company born at the same time as the Mac. We have always updated our software to make it compatible with most computers. More than two years ago, we tackled the job and started rewriting from zero our software in “Cocoa”.

Our developers have done considerable work, without compromising on the quality and the numerous improvements of our software. Our strive for excellence has required a long period of development because we want you to always consider our agenda, our contact management system, and our calculator as the best of Mac.

Today, our work comes to an end, and we have the pleasure to bring you good news!

• The rewriting of our software for Mac OS Lion and Mountain Lion is finished. At the present time, we are into the last stage of the applications testing phase. However, the exact release date is not yet known, but will be determined soon, and we will immediately inform you.

• TopCalculette beta version for Mac OS Lion and Mountain Lion is planned for late August. The final release will be delivered once the beta version has been validated.