Pack of 4 applications RubenSoft.

The functions and the ergonomics of the Top applications offer a professional alternative to the Mac applications.

An attractive price enables to purchase PackOrganizer for a lower rate than buying two separate modules.




Mac OS X

10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6

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Software: 89 €

 Update: 49 €




PackOrganizer is much more than the combination of four software. The modules share and link their data, even when applications are not launched.

For example, in TopAddress, you will be able to create events related to a contact with alarms defined by a field due date in the card…
In TopAgenda you will be able to list the events of a contact for the current month…

Relational links:

Pro version goes even further interactivity by creating relational links between TopAddress and TopAgenda databases.

In the contact card of TopAddress you can show the list of events, To Dos and birthdays of this contact, as well as the resources of these events.
In TopAgenda you will be able to create smart lists of events and To Dos showing the details of a linked contact.

Linking notes:

You will use TopNote to link notes to the events and To Dos of TopAgenda, or to store the calculations of TopCalculette tape.

Time calculation:

The menu Time Calculator from TopAgenda gives you the time elapsed between two dates or the number of days remaining before a deadline with the support of TopCalculette.

Favorite documents, Top menu:

The access to PackOrganizer documents is completely intuitive thanks to favorite documents. The window [Organize Favorites] enables you to choose your favorite calendars, directories and notes, to organize them as lists, to assign them shortcuts and to choose to open them automatically at launching the application or at starting your computer.
The list of favorites is permanently available from the Top menu.
These mechanisms work also for network shared documents.


TopAgenda, TopAddress and TopCalculette can be minimized on the Mac desktop.
The minimization is a storage with Genius effect of all the application windows as icon on the desktop. Any new request of the application induces the desiconization.



Apple iApp integration:

PackOrganizer is also fully integrated to iApp (Mac OS X applications). Thanks to SyncServices support, TopAddress cards, TopAgenda events and To Dos are permanently available for other Mac applications.

Emails integration:

PackOrganizer does not have a module for sending and receiving emails. We chose to integrate the use of your favorite emailer in all the functions of our applications.
When sending emails, TopAgenda or TopAddress opens your emailer and uses it. In TopAddress you show the emails list that you have sent and received for each contact and without any additional action. If you use the function of sending bulk emails, TopAddress will verify and will prepare automatically the emails, it will group the recipients and then will send the messages using your emailer.

Synchronize with iPhone:

PackOrganizer supports syncservices, so it can be synchronized with iPhone, iPod, iPad and all smartphones compatible with Mac OS X. The data of iCal and Address Book, as well as those of all compatible software (as Entourage ...) are also automatically synchronized with TopAgenda and TopAddress.

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TopAgenda and TopAddress support Apple-Script. You will be able to drive the creation of events, To Dos and contacts from your business applications.

Avanced scripts are provided to synchronize Filemaker cards with TopAddress contacts as well as to create appointments related to Health applications.

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