syncservicesicon Synchronization of TopAgenda and TopAddress by SyncServices

SyncServices Technology

Apple introduced SyncServices in OS X 10.4. The central idea is that all calendars and contacts of the users are stored in a database managed by the system.

Applications using calendars and contacts synchronize their data with the system through SyncServices. These applications are the "clients" of the database, they have all the same permissions. iCal and Address Book are placed at the same level as TopAgenda and TopAddress.

The devices connected to the Mac also synchronize calendars and contacts through SyncServices. This applies to iPhone, iPod and iPad, as well as the Palm, BlackBerry and other smartphones.

Through this process, all applications and all compatible devices use and exchange the same data.

Activate synchronisation

Use the toolbar of TopAddress and TopAgenda to activate synchronization.

Then select [Synchronize now…] every time you want to synchronize data with other software and devices compatible with syncservices.

You must choose one TopAgenda calendar and one TopAddress directory because SyncServices can handle only file.


Fields mapping

Most of events and To Dos parameters of TopAgenda are automatically synchronized without having to customize anything.

Regarding TopAddress, you must pay special attention to the fields mapping. Indeed, TopAddress allowing you to define freely a file template, you might be obliged to help the software to perform this mapping.

TopAddress automatically assigns a default mapping to each field that it is able to identify. If the mapping does not suit you, you can match fields at you convenience as shown in the opposite window. It is available from the button [Synchro] of TopAddress toolbar.

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Synchronize an application or a device with TopAgenda and TopAddress

Once you have completed the operations described above, you can synchronize all applications or devices you want with TopAgenda and TopAddress data.
To do this, you must use an application adapted to each case. The most popular are iTunes, iSync or the system preferences.

Synchronize with iTunes


When connecting through USB iPhone and iPod are synchronized with iTunes. Connect your device and follow the instructions provided by iTunes. The indications of the info tab are wrong because the contacts and calendars to synchronize are not these of iCal and Address Book but rather the contacts and calendars of the SyncServices database. And accordingly, those of TopAddress and TopAgenda in your case.

Synchronize iSync

Many phones and smartphones can be synchronized with TopAddress and TopAgenda thanks to iSync.

See the list of supported devices


Synchronize with MobileMe

iPhone and iPodTouch can be synchronized with TopAddress ad TopAgenda data by Wifi or telephone thanks to MobileMe. iPhone is continuously synchronized through the air (OTA), regardless of its location.

This service is a service supplied by Apple. This is not free.

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Example of calendar in the iPhone

You have nothing to install in the iPhone. The TopAgenda calendar that you chose to synchronize will be shown thanks to the application "Calendar" of the iPhone. You will find all your events and anniversaries, with their repetitions, their alarms and their notes.
You will also find the categories in the iPhone, as a group calendar respecting name and color of your categories in TopAgenda.
Apple has not produced to date any application "To Dos" for the iPhone, so it is unfortunately impossible to view TopAgenda To Dos. Our software is straight away ready to show them as soon as possible.

Example of TopAddress contact in the iPhone

Regarding TopAddress, you have also nothing to install in the iPhone. The TopAddress directory that you chose to synchronize will be shown thanks to the aplication "Contacts". You will find in the card of the iPhone all the fields of which you set the mapping. The field label will be synchronized (when variable in each card).
The categories of your entries will also be present in the iPhone, as a group of cards by category.



SyncServices development state in PackOrganizer

The SyncServices support has been a rough work for RubenSoft developers because this technology has been added by Apple a long time after the creation of TopAgenda and TopAddress.

Moreover, given the complexity of the development, Apple has known many difficulties to provide developers with stable tools for their developments.

Now SyncServices are a reliable technology. TopAddress and TopAgenda 8.6 enable to synchronize calendars and directories data toward compatible applications and devices. This allows you to have your calendar and contacts in the iPhone and iPod.

We are working out to provide quickly a bidirectional network synchronization through TopServer. Read our blog and our newsletters, you will be immediately informed of our progress.