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TopAddress helps you every day to take better advantage of your customer and supplier records. Your software will quickly become indispensable.

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Advanced Search

TopAddress includes a powerful multicriteria advanced search. Results are shown in a list that you print or export.
Frequently used searches can be saved in smart lists.

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Divide Card in Tabs

Use the tabs to organize your fields in groups.
As sharing mode you can assign permissions to each tab.

TAD tabs

Email Integration

TopAddress has not a module for sending and receiving e-mails. We chose to integrate the use of your favorite emailer within all application functions.

When sending emails, TopAddress opens your emailer and uses it. Each contact shows automatically the emails sent and received by this contact. If you use the function bulk emailing, TopAddress will check and will prepare automatically the emails, then it will group recipients and will send messages using your emailer.

TAD mail







Synchronizes TopAddress with iPhone, iPod and iPad, as well as with all phones and smartphones compatible with SyncServices.
Depending on your device you use iTunes, iSync or even MobileMe to synchronize directly via the air (called mode OTA).
You'll find all your contacts in the application "Contacts" from the iPhone, and the categories converted into contacts groups.

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TopAddress provides cards templates ready for an address book or a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). You also have templates to manage a library, wine cellar, and a secured list of your passwords…
You can modify these templates to suit your needs or create customized cards.
Many fields types are provided: text, pictures, boxes that you can complete with buttons, titles or customizable values lists. You choose the position and colors of the fields, as well as the auto-formatting of the text.
All these features make TopAddress a powerful database manager that has nothing to envy the other software.

TAD fields

Yellow Pages Search

The research in the Yellow Pages has been included in the software. The results can be converted directly into TopAddress cards.
This feature is very useful to automatically fill in a contact fields.

Pages Jaunes



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Network sharing

You can try the network sharing of your contacts, we give you all the required support during the trial. You will be guided to adapt our solutions to your needs. Contact us.

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