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TopAgenda is a professional solution to manage calendars and schedules, network shared by client-server.
The experience piled up by RubenSoft allows us to propose a software really easy to use, friendly and suitable for a daily use.
Thanks to the numerous advanced functions that contains the software, you will always find a solution to your specific needs.
TopAgenda will easily manage TopAgenda thousands of events and To Dos divided into independent agendas if required.
Synchronizable, scriptable, exchanging data with other applications, accepting almost all imports and exports, TopAgenda definitely seduce you if you try it.



The mini-calendar display available from each view, shows a summary of the monthly activity with banners, colors, notes and icons.


Week view

Especially easy and convenient to use the week view shows many modifiable information in one click.


Dock, To Dos, Journal

TopAgenda incorporates a powerful management of the To Dos. Using categories, colors, icons, priorities, repeats and alarms, To Dos can be further enhanced thanks to customizable resources fields.
The dock showing a summary and the day weather, and the journal are two exclusive extras of our software.

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Smart Lists

The search criteria of TopAgenda are numerous and specific. They enable to create lists perfectly suited to your needs. You will be enabled to store them by one click as smart lists to realize a daily report or the monthly statement that you need.

TopAgenda even enables you to totalize columns of time and distances and then to export them to an Excel file for example.





  • Views by day/week/month/year
  • Other customizable views
  • List view
  • Smart Lists creation
  • Displays days or weeks numbers, saints
  • Displays lunar months
  • Displays the weather for the coming 10 days
  • Supports the holidays in the mini-calendar and the week view
  • Holidays and school holidays to import, supplied for many countries and religions
  • Import almost all of files templates
  • Export .ics or text (tabulated, excel…)
  • Management of events, To Dos, anniversaries and available slots
  • All types of repeats
  • priorities (5 levels)
  • Support time and travel distance
  • Links with TopAddress contacts
  • TopNotes, files, linked url
  • Alarms (go off without launching application)
  • Alarms actions: SMS, eMail, open documents or script

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    Synchronizes TopAgenda with iPhone, iPod and iPad, as well as with all phones and smartphones compatible SyncServices.
    Depending on your device you use iTunes, iSync or even MobileMe to synchronize directly via the air (called mode OTA).
    You'll find all your events in the application "Calendar" from the iPhone, and the attached notes and even the colors of categories.

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    Links with professional software

    TopAgenda is compatible with many professional software plusieurs logiciels professionnels, particularly in health sector. Contact us.

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    Themes, colors

    Use colors to make your work easier. Much more than a decoration, the color themes of calendars and the coloration of categories provide a real support to distinguish quickly schedules or events types.

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    Network sharing

    You can try the network sharing of your calendars, we give you all the required support during the trial. You will be guided to adapt our solutions to your needs. Contact us.

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