With TopServer you share calendars

and directories in local network and Internet.






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Mac OS X

10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6

The software is free

Its cost is included in the rate of each client sharing the network

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TopServer enables to share TopAgenda calendars and TopAddress directories through local network and the internet.
The shared documents are hosted on a Mac used as server, TopServer application enables all customers to simultaneously access to the same files. Any modification done by a client is immediately visible on all other computers opened with the same document.
The documents are not duplicated because they are shared by client-server. It is impossible to desynchronize data.

Nomad Sharing

The nomad mode allows a Mac laptop to take and work on a copy of shared files. TopServer automatically handles the files copying on the laptop, then it synchronizes the modified elements when reconnecting to the server.

Web publishing

TopServer incorporates an automatic web publishing of calendars. You just have to chack a box to consult your calendar from a web navigator Mac or PC.




  • Sharing up to 100 documents simultaneously
  • Accepts the simultaneous connection of 100 clients
  • Local connection by Bonjour (no address settings)
  • Local connection or internet by IP address
  • Clients permissions: No Access, Read Only, Read and Write, Administrator, Nomad
  • Clients privileges: export, edit categories and icons
  • Web publishing of calendars integrated to TopServer
  • Data traveling over the network encrypted
  • Software compatibility: 10.4 to 10.6, miscible between the server and the clients
  • Computers compatibility: Mac G4 or G5, Mac Intel, XServe

  • Security and traceability

    Using TopServer is secured to provide the best guarantees of privacy.

    The data shared on the network are encrypted. The calendars and directories can be individually protected with a password. You can also choose to protect only confidential events with a password. The access to sensitive functions (data export) can be alloted to the computers of your choice, as well as the access to certain fields of TopAddress.
    Creation and editing of files are tracked: each contact, event and To Do stores the computer that performed the operation.



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