RubenSoft Applications in your Business
Whatever your job is, RubenSoft applications provide solutions to organize your business.

Tested in the workplace for many years, they are really adapted to the productivity needs of a company.

Try them, they will be quickly adopted with enthousiasm by your staff.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): you need a CRM software to manage relationships with your customers? PackOrganizer Pro version meets your needs. It enables you to visualize from the contact card of TopAddress any activity related to each clients appointments, To Dos, emails or historical…

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Developers: you develop a program for Mac and you want to integrate a calendar or a contact management? You can use TopAgenda or TopAddress. We provide a development kit based on AppleScript. TopAddress also includes a synchronization with FileMaker databases.

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HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY: doctors' offices and medical groups
Since many years RubenSoft works with health professionals to make a software adapted to their needs.
TopAgenda is a Mac application especially appreciated by the medical secretaries. With TopAddress you make your patient file linked to your calendar.

Several health software have chosen to integrate TopAgenda to manage the function of making appointments, thanks to a link with the patient file.

The network sharing and the power of the software enable to manage the multiple and complex calendars of medical centers.
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LIBERAL PROFESSIONS, SMEs, ARTISANS : architects, attorneys, lawyers…
The management of contacts, calendars and schedules of PackOrganizer is particularly suited to the needs of a company. The power of software, the ability to customize each function, the ability to link between the modules, enables you to build your own customized application. You will be amazed by the resources that our software provide.

With TopServer, using network sharing or internet sharing, your central office, your subsidiaries, your agencies will be working on the same data, instantaneously updated. You can create customized access privileges for each client and manage the security of your data thanks to the traceability of modifications.

You can setup parameters by yourselves or use our services as part of the support contract.