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Rate Update

Dear TopCalculette user, the update to version 8 is available. It runs on all OS X systems from 10.3 to 10.6 (PPC and Mac Intel).

As usual, this version has new features that seduce more and more TopCalculette users. As well as many improvements not so visible but which make the software more and more useful.

Although I spend a lot of time developing this software, I have always provided free updates since 2001, which was the release date of version 3 for OS X 10.0.

This new version 8 is not a free update. We charge 15 Euros to all the users of a license prior to TopCalculette version 7.

By this contribution, you will help to improve the software for many years and to maintain the server that allows to update the 87 currencies supported by TopCalculette.

I thank the many users TopCalculette for the constant support they have always shown.

The author, Ruben

To order the update from TopCalculette software, use the menu “TopCalculette Pro/Buy Online”.