universal Universal RubenSoft Applications?

RubenSoft software consist of multiple independent modules included in the application you install. This is called a "bundle".
This modular building enables a parallel development of software functions.

Designed from 1993, PackOrganizer uses various technologies of Mac OS X, like Carbon and Cocoa. We permanently tried to modernize the code of our applications: today over 80 % of PackOrganizer code is developed in Cocoa. This is the most decisive modules regarding performances: data base, client-server, network, internet, synchronisation…
Moreover, today we focus much of our resources to develop the iPhone and iPad versions of our software. The code of these versions, written in Cocoa, is designed to be shared with the Mac applications.


However a part of the code is still in "Carbon". This is mainly the graphical user interface. The presence of this part of code that is not "universal" requires to install "Rosetta" on the Mac.


To maintain the compatibility with the previous versions, as well as the continuity regarding the graphic aspect of our applications, our developers work hard in processing the code. This work is in process, not already finished. Our applications will be shortly completely in Cocoa: They will no longer use Rosetta.

Pending the Universal version, we ask you to accept to install Rosetta. It uses only a few megabytes on your hard drive. It does not affect the performance of your Mac.
Its only inconvenience is a longer time at the first launching of the PackOrganizer applications.

More info about Rosetta and Universal